With the help of the Blissful body method we can quickly change from the Stress body, with worry, anxiety and anger, into the Bliss body; feeling at peace, in harmony, and in a blissful mind & body state. Being able to self-manage, and quickly change a stressful situation into something positive, is also uplifting and very empowering!

I have developed the Blissful body method that will help you break the negative and create something positive for you and your life. I have taught the method to many people, who practice it daily and it have improved their lives very much. 

The principle is to use the new knowledge of the brain’s ability to be rebuilt throughout life, with the heart’s tremendous healing power and your will power (higher self). You use your whole; Your Dream Team to the brain, heart and mind (the will) to control your ancient biological organism in the right direction!

The Blissful Body approach offers a number of advantages:

  • When you apply and practice this daily, you loose a lot of energy that previously was tied.
  • You get access to a huge reservoir of energy.
  • You can use this energy to create your life based on who you are and what you deep down want to realize.
  • Your social skills and competence increases, and it is easier and more fun to connect with other people.
  • Your health improves and you get a completely different inner calm.

The heart can communicates with all the cells of the body with the speed of light. Changes can happen instantly when we use our heart power. The heart is in fact a powerful power center that emits an electromagnetic radiation that is fifty times greater than the brain’s radiation. The ”Heart-Brain” has 40 000 nerve cells, which is as much as any of the brain’s center. The heart can work independently, as is demonstrated in heart transplantation as there is no nerve connection to the brain. 

Research has shown that the heart perceive and react to the environment, and the brain responds to it. The most powerful is to use the heart together with the brain’s cognitive ability, thus brain and will power .

The 6 steps to Blissful body

Step 1. Awareness

Become aware of what is happening and catch yourself cognitively when you start to feel stress, disharmony, or begin to react strongly to something in your environment. It can be punishing thoughts or feel strong anxiety or other reactive, unfavorable emotions. You could be heading into a limbic stress-auto loop (LSA), meaning that an automatic self-feeding system kicks in that gets a life of it’s own. This consumes much energy and will stress you out. Don’t let your emotions run amok on your ship – stop this by making a conscious effort to exit‚ before the LSA’s starts spinning. Take our boat back to the harbor, figuratively speaking.

Step 2. Annul the reactivity

By using your higher self (cognitive or will power) you can break the reaction. Do this by saying ”stop” out loud twice while crossing and recrossing your arms in front of the chest. The arm that is under goes above the other after the recrossing, and then release the arms down along the sides while saying ”let go”. So say out loud ”stop, stop, let go” as you recross your arms, as breaking the midline like this is important as I shifts negative pool to positive pool. Repeat this cycle until you feel the charge has diminished, it usually takes less than a minute. It is great if you can stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eyes while you do this breaking-the-cycle-exercise. The remaining steps can be done sitting or laying down.

Step 3. Activate deep breathing

Close your eyes and place the left hand’s middle fingers on the pit of the lower part of the breast bone (sternum). Press that point lightly and possibly massage it softly, because it immediately activates deep breathing. Hold for about half a minute while taking a few deep abdominal breaths using nasal respiration.

Step 4. Activate the vagus nerve

Put your left hand’s fingers together and touch the five fingertips to the skin in the lower end of the neck, while placing the right hand lightly on the abdomen. Take a couple of slow breaths where you breathe in while counting to seven and exhale when counting to ten. Always breath in and out through the nose, as it is the physiologically correct way. Touching this neck point activates the vagus nerve, and the hand on the stomach calms the abdominal brain (ENS). The vagus nerve is the largest nerv in the body, innervating all organs, and activating the vagus nerve is very beneficial and calming.

Step 5. Access instant heart power switch

Pump positive, kind, gentle and loving words into the heart, like ”harmony, light, peace, love, safety, happiness, content, joy”. You can choose five words and repeat them, saying them silently inside for a few minutes. This instantaneously breaks the limbic system emerging cyclical stress (LSA). It stops the appearing stress body in the tracks, won’t allow ”the dragon” to raise up, and it swings everything into the bliss body. As you feed calm, harmony, love and serenity, bliss mode will enter your stage. The Bliss-words acts as positive affirmations, making it a reality for our brain – and the heart communicates it instantly to our whole being. 

Program this change by touching the cheek with all five fingers just in front of the center of the left ear. That is like pressing enter to store it on your hard disk (brain).

Step 6. Acknowledge yourself

Thank yourself for doing this favorable change by hugging yourself and smile! Reward yourself by feeling good about what you just did. That is Love in action, and reinforces what you just did. Self-love needs nurturing in most people.

Repeat! Start your day with a few minutes of Blissful body-practice, as it will charge your energy with positive energies for many hours to come. It is a positive mind boost, that gives permanent results. One thought gives rise to one neuron, and this will rewire your brain. Because each time you practice Blissful body, you are rehearsing a conditioned reflex that creates new neural pathways. But be patient, because nerve growth happens on the physiological level, and that needs time and repetition.


Human consciousness is the greatest untapped potential in the Western world today. Our knowledge of how consciousness works today is, however, still very limited. The Buddhists count 160 different states of consciousness, while we hardly use any. Here we have a gold mine to explored. It is one of the factors that makes me feel optimistic for the future. If the 20th century was for the exact sciences – physics, biomedicine, chemistry, genetic engineering and more, the 21st century will be the breakthrough for the science of psychobiology and human consciousness. This field of knowledge will expand, and at the same time as our consciousness will be increased both individually and collectively.

Sanna Ehdin, The Self-healing human book, 1999

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